About The Hamilton

Strange and amazing, unlikely and enviable, the life of Alexander Hamilton could be a blueprint for the evolution of Washington, DC. This is a man who started off an orphan and ended up a lawyer, banker and founding father before dying famously in a duel with the Vice President of the United States. First built to house the federal government, DC is now a city where polish and sophistication have been charmed by a bohemian spirit yielding a new, thriving, artistic underground. Located just two blocks from the White House, the District's newest destination for envelope-pushing, visionary music and talent defies convention, much like Hamilton himself.

About Clyde’s Restaurant Group

It’s one thing to open a restaurant in Washington, it’s another to grow a single concept into thirteen successful properties. Clyde’s Restaurant Group is a family of dining experiences, each distinctively different than the next, but all sharing the same reputation for consistent service and a fresh, delicious menu. Each of our concepts proudly serves local produce and features a signature burger made with only grass-fed, hormone-free beef. It’s how we continue to invest in the region we love and the customers we continue to surprise.

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When we say we value our talent, we aren’t just talking about who’s on stage. A great show, a great drink or a great meal begins and ends with a great team. If you love music and creating incredible memories around it, get in touch.